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How to choose the best web hosting

Hello awesome people, how are you? Hope you are doing great in this time. I am David on behalf of Team WPC, today we are going to introduce with some of the best website hosting for building a website. So, let’s start…

What is a web hosting?

Normally, can you think about your computer hard disk? You are totally eligible to keep all your personal or working data, files, videos, images or so right? So, in a web server there is a place virtually where you can keep all your website data like images, videos, texts and many more this is know as web hosting. It’s a virtual company who will provide you this space is know as a web hosting company.¬† I think we are much clear now about hosting.

Here is the list of some best web hosting company you may choose…

1. Bluehost 

2. SiteGround

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