How to configure SuperCacher in SiteGround for great speed?

Hello, how are you doing today? I hope you all have been enjoying yourself this time. Myself Wasim Rana from WP Consultation. Today we are going to discuss about how to speed up a WordPress website.

So, first of all we need to keep in mind that website speeds basically depends on the hosting quality. There are lots of web hosting where some has the feature called SuperCacher for great speed some has not.  We are going to configure it in SiteGround.

So, to do that what is mandatory stuffs we need to do first?

  • Go to SiteGround website.
  • Select the plan GrowBig as SuperCacher is available in this plan.
  • Place a domain name or another domain you own already.
  • Purchase it and Set up cPanel in the hosting
  • Install SSL Certificate on the domain
  • Install WordPress and configure SuperCacher for great speed

Please check this post How to start a WordPress Blog in 2018 everything is there step by step including all of the above. Once you have installed WordPress now we can configure the SuperCacher. 

I think by the other post you have learn everything, right? Now sign in to SiteGround and go to My Account > Go to cPanel > WordPress Tools > SuperCacher

Click on it and check the following

Turn on Static Cache by default it will be on already, click on Level 2 (Dynamic Cache) turn it on then Level 3 (Memcached) turn it on


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